What is prevention? This term is a public health term, and means that there are things we can do to prevent sexual violence! In our lives, we are inundated with violent norms in media, language, politics, news, we often live with a low-level norm of violence. In our learning about who we are, messages of violence and domination seap in– who we can be in our skins, what is valued, what is good. And in our outcomes for our communities, we see violence everywhere– from explicit examples of physical and sexual violence, to the everyday violence of living with not enough, living believing somehow folks deserve to be homeless, food insecure, without meaningful work, ill, mentally struggling, alone.

At SACT, we work to build us up, to create community solutions to things that make violence normal. SACT educates, advocates, and builds power for a world free of sexual violence. Our work is at all levels to build positive outcomes for our communities.

We host events to connect individuals to the work of ending violence.

We support youth to be the change they want to see in the world.

We build community to respond to harm, and create alternatives to violent norms.

We educate youth, adults, and everyone in between on issues of positive sexuality, consent, bystander intervention, and so much more.

We are part of the network of committed individuals, groups, and institutions supporting positive solutions and normalizing non-violence.