What is Prevention?

This term is a public health term, and means that there are things we can do to prevent sexual violence! In our lives, we are inundated with violent norms in media, language, politics, and news. Violence, and especially sexual violence, is normalized in our culture. In our learning about who we are, messages of violence and domination seep in, impacting who we believe we can be in our skins, what is valued, and what we believe is good. In our outcomes for our communities, we see violence everywhere, from explicit examples of physical and sexual violence, to the everyday violence of living with not enough, living believing somehow folks deserve to be homeless, food insecure, without meaningful work, ill, mentally struggling, and alone. Prevention is about recognizing the ways sexual violence, and the other forms of oppression its tied to, pervades our lives and culture, and working together to change these norms for the better.

What Prevention Programs Does SACT Offer?

At SACT, we educate, advocate, and build power for a world free of sexual violence. Our work is at all levels to build positive outcomes for our communities. We’re not experts and we don’t have all the solutions ourselves, rather, we support people and communities to realize the solutions they already have, even if they don’t recognize them. Here’s just a few ways this can look:

You can find a more comprehensive list of prevention curriculum and workshops SACT offers by clicking here. These workshops are just a starting point. We don’t emphasize a menu of prevention services, because we know that prevention is fundamentally about working together to meet the unique needs of your community. Let’s get in touch to figure out what SACT can offer to help build a culture of safety, consent, and belonging for people of all genders.

How Do I Bring SACT to My School/Organization/Community/Town?

To get the ball rolling, send an email to Adin at We can talk about first steps from there. If you want to print out some materials describing our approach to prevention, check out our brochure here.

Are There Training Resources Available For me to Learn Advocacy Skills?

Yes, absolutely! Start by checking the trainings listed at the Vermont’s Center for Crime Victim Services.

You can always check the front page of the Vermont Network Against Sexual and Domestic Violence (“The Network”) for upcoming events. The Network is the statewide organization coordinating the efforts of anti-violence organizations like SACT. You can also check the Network’s staff directory for people with specific areas of expertise, or the member organization listings for the organization that serves your area, if you’re outside of Washington County.