About Us

Mission and Purpose

The Sexual Assault Crisis Team of Washington County (SACT) works to provide advocacy and services for people of all genders who have experienced harm, and to educate for the prevention of all forms of sexual violence.

SACT exists to transform relationships at all levels of our community; to build knowledge and skills in empathy, power, equity, respect, communication, and accountability. Intersections of poverty, classism, sexism, capitalism, ableism, heterosexism, substance use, and racism work together to create a community where hate and violence is expressed in a variety of harmful ways. We believe that all people should have freedom and autonomy over their bodies, and that sexual violence against one person harms entire communities. We wish to address the root causes of sexual violence in our community and work toward the end of violence.

SACT supports and empowers people who have experienced sexual harm to take steps toward healing, through accessing their hopes and supporting their concrete needs. Our supports are voluntarily, and individualized for the unique needs of all of our service users. Comprehensive services include a gender inclusive emergency shelter, court and medical (SANE) advocacy, economic and housing advocacy, crisis services, hotline, support groups, prevention education, legislative advocacy, sex trafficking prevention and response, community-center changework, and much more.

Importantly, we recognize a number of people and communities who continue to be marginalized and are at a greater risk of experiencing sexual violence. Our purpose includes being accessible for, raising the voices of, and advocating with people of color, people with disabilities, people who are LGBTQ+, families who are experiencing DCF involvement, children and youth, and people for whom intersecting forms of violence are impacting their lives.

Our Team

Anne Ward, M.ED.

Executive Director

Anne Ward, M.Ed. (she/her or they/them pronouns) is the Executive Director of the Sexual Assault Crisis Team. She is committed to a lifestyle of least harm and most good, and believes in a community where all people are valued. Anne has worked with people who have experienced sexual harm for more than six years and has trained and educated teachers, foster and adoptive parents, parents, grandparents, and caregivers, child care providers, medical and law enforcement professionals, and more, in sexual abuse prevention and healthy relationships.

With a Master’s of Education in Humane Education, Anne seeks to be a Solutionary: a person who is able to identify inhumane and unsustainable systems and then develop solutions that are healthy and just for people, animals, and the environment. Her early career included over fifteen years in animal welfare and sheltering, where she continued to learn about the complex challenges of violence, poverty, discrimination, and more. She is committed to all of SACT’s mission that considers both people who have experienced harm, as well as preventing future harm.

Cynthia Marsha

Child/Youth/Community Advocate

Born here in Barre VT, Cynthia (she/her pronouns) believes that one should do something of value with their life, and that doing so brings joy. At the age of 14 she started on a mission, which continues to unfold over 40 years later. In 1990, she completed Johnson State College’s Adult Non-Degree Program and has since achieved a number of certifications, licenses, and college credits.

Cynthia has over 30 years of varied experience, including business management, healthcare services, domestic violence advocacy, certified medication technician, residential care facility management, and as a direct service provider for children with disabilities, adults, and seniors. Cynthia has worked in schools, care facilities, and in private homes.

Victoria Pearson

Director of Outreach

Victoria Pearson, M. Div., studied Feminist Liberation Theologies two decades ago with the question– can communities hold justice-love (Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public.- Cornel West), centering those most impacted by harm, and shifting systems that seek to justify and hide injustice? In her life, she has explored this question in progressive movements ranging from racial justice to environmental crisis to the war on people who are poor and homeless, people with mental illnesses who are forgotten by the system, and the violence done to people who are incarcerated. She comes to SACT as Director of Outreach with a vision for shifting our culture of violence, grounding healing as a form of justice, and locating liberation in our ability to say yes and no, and be heard and respected for our choices.

Hotline Team


The SACT hotline is staffed by a variety of part time staff and volunteers. Call (802) 479-5577 to speak with one of our advocates!

Board of Directors

Officers for 2018-2019 Fiscal Year


Volunteering with SACT can take a variety of forms! Some volunteer opportunities include significant training while others help us manage the day-to-day operations of our office and shelter.

Current Needs:

Volunteer Training

SACT hosts training for advocates twice annually! Our most recent training in February, 2019 was a huge hit! Please contact to learn more about volunteering or volunteer training.