Sexual violence doesn’t discriminate, but, unfortunately, support for victims of sexual violence often does. In addition to gender identity and/or sexual orientation, specific characteristics for sexual violence victims that place them in underserved groups include:

  • Cognitive and/or physical disabilities
  • Age – including elderly persons
  • Skin color
  • Culture – including First Nation persons
  • Occupation – including military members and sex workers
  • Socioeconomic status – low-income and/or financially-struggling persons
  • Variety of sexual violence – prostitution and/or trafficking victims

The Sexual Assault Crisis Team works to promote tolerance for victims and survivors with these characteristics and to promote intolerance for discrimination against such victims.

We offer services and shelter to all victims and survivors of sexual violence – regardless of cognitive and/or physical disability, age, skin color, culture, occupation, socioeconomic status, and/or variety of sexual violence (as well as other factors, such as gender identity and/or sexual orientation).