Anne Ward, M.Ed.

Executive Director

Anne Ward, M.Ed. (she/her or they/them pronouns) is the Executive Director of the Sexual Assault Crisis Team. She is committed to a lifestyle of least harm and most good, and believes in a community where all people are valued. Anne has worked with people who have experienced sexual harm for more than six years and has trained and educated teachers, foster and adoptive parents, parents, grandparents, and caregivers, child care providers, medical and law enforcement professionals, and more, in sexual abuse prevention and healthy relationships.

With a Master’s of Education in Humane Education, Anne seeks to be a Solutionary: a person who is able to identify inhumane and unsustainable systems and then develop solutions that are healthy and just for people, animals, and the environment. Her early career included over fifteen years in animal welfare and sheltering, where she continued to learn about the complex challenges of violence, poverty, discrimination, and more. She is committed to all of SACT’s mission that considers both people who have experienced harm, as well as preventing future harm.