Amanda Bumps

Youth Advocate

Amanda Bumps is the Youth Advocate for the Sexual Assault Crisis Team. Amanda is a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University, having completed an AA in Liberal Studies, which has allowed her to tailor her education to meet the needs of … Read More

Anne Ward, M.Ed.

Executive Director

Anne Ward, M.Ed. is the Executive Director of the Sexual Assault Crisis Team. She is committed to a lifestyle of least harm and most good, and believes in a community where all people are valued. Anne has worked with people who have … Read More

Cynthia Marsha

Community Advocate

Born here in Barre, VT, Cynthia believes that one should do something of value with their life, and that doing so will bring you joy. At the age of 14 she started as a volunteer, on a mission, one which continues to unfold over 40 years … Read More