General Sexual Abuse

Our House of Central Vermont – Children’s Advocacy Center and Special Investigations Unit

Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence – Statewide Coalition to end Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence

Vermont Department for Children and Families: Reporting Child Abuse – Vermont Department for Children and Families’ information site on how to report child abuse

The Legal Rights of Women in Vermont – Publication by the Vermont Commission on Women

Personal Safety – Article

Overview of Acquaintance Rape – general overview of what acquaintance rape is, as well as typical effects and prevention; provided by RAINN and adapted from materials provided by the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault


Vermont Pride Center (formerly RU12) – Leading Vermont organization for LGBTQ people

SafeSpace – Support for LGBTQ survivors of violence – Telephone: 866-869-7341 or 802-863-0003

Male Survivors

Sexual Violence and Male Victims/Survivors – Information on sexual violence against males, as well as typical responses observed in males; written by Keith Goslant

Sexual Assault and Recovery for the Male Survivor – Information on sexual violence against males, typical responses in males, and suggestions for recovery

Myths About Male Sexual Victimization – Corrects common societal misconceptions about male sexual victimization; adapted from a presentation at the 5th International Conference on Incest and Related Problems, Biel, Switzerland, August 14, 1991

Differences Between Adult Male and Female Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse – Outlines general differences in abuse and responses between male and female victims of childhood sexual abuse; written by Peter Dimock, LICSW

Characteristics Observed in Male Sexual Abuse Victims – Information on general typical responses observed in male victims of sexual abuse; written by Ken Singer, LCSW

Recovery for the Male Sexual Abuse Survivor: Critical Steps in the Healing Process – Outline of steps for male victims of sexual abuse to heal from abuse, as well as methods for and indicators of each step’s achievement; written by Peter Dimock, LICSW

One in Six – Information and support for men who have experienced “unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood”


Deaf Vermonters Advocacy Services – Assists people with hearing loss by providing access to services, education, and advocacy -Hotline: 802-661-4091

Vermont Communication Support Project- Organization to support people who have disabilities that interfere with their ability to communicate effectively – Telephone: 802-247-5135

Vermont Interpreter Referral Service – American Sign Language interpreter referrals – Telephone: 888-317-2006

Legal & Governmental

Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services – Information for Vermont victims of Crime

Vermont Criminal Information Center – Repository of criminal record information, including the sex offender registry and crime statistics

Vermont Courts Online – Information site for the Vermont judicial system

City of Barre, Vermont – Town site for Barre

Northfield Police Department – police department for the town of Northfield, home of Norwich University

Health & Wellness

Vermont Committee for AIDS Resources, Education & Services (VT CARES) – Vermont’s largest and longest-standing AIDS prevention institution. VT CARE Provides free anonymous oral RAPID HIV testing and free prevention information

Central Vermont Medical Central – Berlin, VT

Fletcher Allen Heath Care – Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners are available in the emergency department to administer sexual assault forensic evidence kits and give medical assistance.