Welcome to SACT’s Prevention Blog!

We here at SACT are very excited to start focusing more of our attention into preventing sexual violence in our communities. For years, we have been a support in our communities within Washington County, supporting survivors and their family members as they journey through the aftermath of an incident of sexual violence. We have witnessed the paths of our survivors, who are all so very brave and strong. It has always been a goal of SACT’s to not have to see this happen anymore. It’s now time to address the root of the issue, and find ways to stop the problem from happening.

This change will of course not happen overnight, but we are committed to working as hard as we can on an issue that is so important to us. This blog will serve to update the community on the work we are doing, as well as be an outlet to have conversations about everything that has to do with prevention. Some topics that will be discussed in particular will be dismantling rape culture (including addressing exactly what rape culture means), talking about the importance of consent and healthy relationship boundaries, engaging bystanders, and creating awareness about the topic.

SACT was lucky enough to be a recipient of this year’s RPE grant, which is funded through the Vermont Department of Health, and the Vermont Network Against Domestic And Sexual Violence. At both the national and state levels, prevention has become prioritized, and we are excited to do our part in this movement to truly work towards ending sexual violence. Through this grant, we will be collaborating with the community to hear what you have to say and address the needs you feel need to be met in your own community. It’s our hope that we will all work together to truly effect change around sexual violence in our area. Be sure to check back on our blog frequently to see what we’re up to, and join us as we move into the techonological world! Don’t forget to like/follow our Facebook and Twitter pages!