Male Victims – Overview

In the United States, support for male victims of sexual violence is appalling. Male victims of sexual violence often receive subpar services, and non-homosexual males are almost universally denied access to shelter for sexual violence.

The Sexual Assault Crisis Team doesn’t discriminate based on gender identity (as well as various other factors). We offer males services that reflect the quality of those that female victims and victims with non-binary genders receive. Also significantly, the Sexual Assault Crisis Team is the only shelter in the United States to offer shelter to male victims (as well as victims with non-binary genders and female victims).

Male victims’ experiences with sexual violence can be highly traumatic, yet the fact that they are male victims place them at a high risk of ridicule, ostracism, and, perhaps above all, suspicion. Tragically, the cycle of suspicion against males often only worsens the trauma and effects of violence that males receive. SACT values and respects our male victims as just as our other victims.

We promote universal equality.